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Discussions on simplification of language in Sırat-ı Müstakim Journal over Kazanlı Ayaz and Ispartalı Hakkı
Language is the most important element necessary for communities to become Nations. For this reason, states that wanted to create a National Union, especially after the age of enlightenment, went down the path of simplification of the language. The Ottoman State, on the other hand, was late in simplification the language, both because of its structure consisting of different nationalities and because it was not ready for it intellectually. During the Tanzimat period, efforts were made to simplify the language due to the reforms that were tried to be established. The issue of simplification of the language continued to be hotly debated by the Ottoman intellectuals until the Second Constitutional Monarchy in Turkey. One of the main issues of the media organs, which arose one after another due to the environment of freedom that formed immediately after the second constitutional monarchy in Turkey, was the language debate. Kazanli Ayaz and Ispartalı Hakkı took part in the journal Sırat-ı Müstakim one of the journals established during this period, and published articles on simplification in the language in this journal. The duo's articles published in the Journal are of great importance in the way of forming public opinion about the simplification and simplification of the Turkish language.

Language, Kazanlı Ayaz, Ispartalı Hakkı, Sırat-ı Müstakim

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