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Şükufe Nihal Başar
Şükufe Nihal grew up with a command of social problems and adopted these problems in a period when difficult conditions awaited the country in Istanbul. In this period, when literature preserved its actuality, she focused on women's issues and education at early ages. Entering Inas Darülfünunu, which was opened for women, in the Geography Department, she was awarded the title of the first female graduate. He gave impressive speeches at the rallies organized to protest the Armistice Period occupations. Continuing his life as an educator, Nihal was closed down as a result of an accident and died in the nursing home in 1973 where he was hospitalized. Our study is about a woman who has set an example by expressing this in a period when the woman and the education she will receive is not mentioned. In this context, Şükufe Nihal's personality, social life and literary mentality will be examined.

İnas Darülfünunu, Woman, Literature, Meeting

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