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Etnoarcheological Estimation on Tabula Ansata and Titulus Ansata (Titulus) from Ancient Period to Present
When we look at the origins of the use of Tabula Ansata and Titulus/Titulus Ansata before the ancient Roman period, it appears as an invention of Greek culture; it is seen that their origins date back to Mesopotamia - Assyrian and Anatolia - Hittite periods. In Christian and Jewish buildings of all Roman and Byzantine lands, respectively; Afterwards, with the emergence of Islam, it took place in the Islamic belief and culture by diversifying. In this way, these Tabula Ansata and Titulus/Titulus Ansata, which have survived to the present day, are in our social and religious life in many cultures today; It has found a place in many areas such as religious buildings, public buildings, tombstones, street ads and posters, shop and street signs, sculpture and art spaces.

Tabula Ansata, Titulus, Ethnoarchaeology, Ancient Period, Ancient Rome

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