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The Rural Life In The Digitalization Process
Communication technologies that have developed since 1950 and the digitalization processes that have accelerated with globalization have caused radical changes in our country as well as the whole world. It has been observed that communication and digitalization have been accelerating since the 1990s. The development of computers, the introduction of smartphones, the rapid development of the internet infrastructure, and the expansion of service limits have caused communication to spread rapidly and instantaneously. This change and development started from big cities to the rural areas have laid the groundwork for social changes in all areas of life, from economy to education, from politics to trade. With the changes and developments experienced altogether in the world, The countries have started to integrate with each other day by day, and it is obvious that digitalization is not a choice but a necessity in the global arena. Rural life has been the center of attention of all works within the scope of Turkish modernization. The purpose of this study is to examine the penetration of digitalization in the most populated 10 provinces and the least populated 10 provinces in Turkey to have a clear understanding of the correlation between big cities and rural areas.

Communication, Mass Communication, the Rural Life, the Center, Digitalization, Urbanization

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