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Life In The Trenches During The First World War
The First World War is a result of the world's ongoing policy of arming since the 19th century. Millions of soldiers and civilians were affected by this result. The British Empire, Germany, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary, the United States and the Ottoman Empire supported this result and carried out propaganda activities. In this case humanity is most harmed. At this point the trenches are very important. The reason is that people keep their lives or they have their own graves. The trenches caused bad memories. The flags and languages of the soldiers are different, but most of them share the same feelings and thoughts. I tried to explain these feelings and thoughts through the wars of Marne, Çanakkale and Verdun. First of all I analyzed the general course of the First World War. The general framework of the military situation of the warring nations was drawn. In the first chapter, weapons and equipment used by the nations were explained. As well as the effect that the weapons had left on the soldiers. It was mentioned about the military architecture which is important for the soldiers. I also talked about the mine, which has an important place in the aftermath of trench warfare. Marne, Verdun and Çanakkale which are the most known of the trench wars were mentioned in the second chapter. There have been many trench warfare, but these three trench warfare are the ones who left the most painful traces of the First World War.

The First World War, Life of Trench

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