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Women's Case and Selma Rıza in the Committee of Union and Progress
This study was carried out in order to examine the idea of the "woman" and the ideas that were developed and proposed in this sense, which the Union and Progress Society, which marked the last period of the Ottoman history, wanted to change some patterns and bring some innovations during the Constitutional period. The opinions of the Committee of Union and Progress on behalf of the "women's case" are mentioned and the issues which are required to be done but the issues that have to be taken into the second plan for the permanency of the State have been discussed. In this context, there are some important female pioneers in the structure of the Committee of Union and Progress, which also supports the formation of a new female model in their own context. This section, which constitutes the siblings or spouses of the names in the party as a general environment, is written on the front lines by writing in publications such as newspapers and magazines seen. Selma Rıza, who stays on the background and one of the names that we know as the sister of an important name of the Committee of Union and Progress, Ahmet Rıza, is also included in this study.

Union and Progress, Second Constitution, Women

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