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The Psychoactive Plants in Ancient Mesopotamian and Anatolian Rituals
Historical, archaeological, and philological evidence for ritual, religious and medical practices offer information about the natüre of such activities and characteristics. Throughout all of human history, several objects, materials, habitats and flora have used been in rituals. We recognize that in rituals some species of herbs that be effective in psycholodelig induce unconscious hallucination in the nervous center of humans. These psychoactive plants as old as human history have been take into crops. The use of psychoactive plants to expand consciousness and raise awareness is as old as humankind. At the same time, many of these psychoactive plants were woven into healing practices, cultural and religious rituals, and daily routines to bring temporary but necess of happiness and joy. In these plants, there are plants such as hemp, poppy and mandrake in Mesopotamian and Anatolian botanicals. It has been used for medicinal, mystical and food purposes.

Psychoactive Plants, opium, hemp, henbane, mandrake, ritual.

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