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The Place and Importance of the Muslim Concept in the Creation of European Identity
“The identity” has become a concept that constantly develops the field of study in the social sciences. European Identity is one of these fields of study. Historically, there have been many factors in Europe's reach to its concept of identity. Islam and Muslims also contributed to the formation of the identity that Europe has now. Because the one of the civilizations with which Europe interacted the most after the Roman Empire was the Islamic Civilization. Before and after the Crusades, interaction continued and a serious interaction was experienced in the fields of culture, science and morality. Later, during the Ottoman Empire, this interaction left its place to rivalry and eventually hostility. In this study, in which we describe this historical process in detail, we will explain how the words “Islam, Muslim and Turkish” were placed in the counterpart of the concept of Europe's other.

Europe, Identity, The Others, Islam, Muslim

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