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Humanism and Its Types
Humanism, which is one of the most rooted currents of thought in the history of humanity, has transformed into a way of life that includes human and everything that belongs to human beings in its center, with the increasing emphasis on the individual since Antiquity. This definition of humanism, which is considered to be 'human love' in its most superficial expression, has been too narrow and inadequate to meet the reason and philosophy of its emergence. Humanism, which was founded on the philosophy of making people the most valuable and qualified, aimed to prepare the individual for the world as a free and competent being with education. Especially since the Renaissance period, the intellectual revolution that took place with the return to classical works caused humanism to gain strength and spread to many European countries, especially Italy. In this study, the emergence of humanism, its spread and its types over time were investigated and analyzed.

Humanism, Human, Antiquity, Renaissance, Europe.

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