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1048 Hasankale (Pasinler) War and Its Results
The Battle of Hasankale, which took place in Anatolia in 1048, was an important turning point for both the Seljuk State and Anatolian Turkish history. This war is also very important in terms of the first encounter between the Byzantine and Seljuk military forces. As a matter of fact, the death of the Seljuk prince in the process leading up to the war and then the defeat of the Seljuk forces by an army composed of Byzantine, Georgian and Armenians started a great transformation in the fate of the Seljuk State and the Turkmens. The fact that the Seljuks made an agreement in which they would gain superiority against Byzantium after their victory and that they gained political, religious and economic gains from this agreement indicates the importance of the results of the war.

Seljuk, Byzantium, Hasankale, Anatolia, War

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