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An Evaluation on the Historical Work of Arrianus from Nicomedia
Abstract Arrianus was born in 86 AD in Nicomedia. He is a Roman citizen; however, he is a historian who is grown up in the Greek culture. For a while, he worked as an Archon in Athens, Greece. He spent his retirement there. Afterward, he passed away approximately at 160 AD in Athens. He worked at very important positions his lifelong such as historian, commander, statesman and archon. He wrote up campaigns of Alexander The Great in Anabasis and then Events After Alexander’s Death (History of Successors). Arrianus’s name mostly was mentioned with Hadrianus. Due to the fact that Arrianus defeated The Alans' voyage, Arrianus was promoted from legate of Cappadocia to governor of Syria by Hadrianus. In this study, some of Arrianus’s works were examined with regards to his own literary life and historical notes that belong to the Roman period. Arrianus left behind great numbers of works, On account of the fact that he gives data which are about the Roman military system and clothes, the book that is called Tactica takes an important place in the archaeology of the Roman World. Some of the books are either incomplete or lost. We learn information about lost the books from other ancient writers.

Arrianus, The Alans, Hadrianus, Alexander The Great, Nicomedia

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