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A Evaluating on the Role of Zafar Hassan in the Establishing of the Saru Raciye Party
Due to the caliphate-connections between Turks and Indians, the pursuit of the destiny for some Indians was not blocked after the establishment of new government in the form of Republic of Turkey. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, an Indian doctor and a politician at the same time came to join Ottomans, leading the Indian Crescent groupduring Balkan wars. In 1925, explaining the meeting of Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari with Ataturk in which he wanted Ataturk to become caliph on behalf of the Indian Muslims. Before this event, the coming of Ubaidullah Sindhi and his student Zafar Hassan to Turkey to establish a party is explained, who were showing activities in Afghanistan and later in Russia for the independence of India. To continue their activities in Turkey, Sindhi and Zafar Hassan notified the Turkish government through Turks who were helpful to them. In this paper, meeting of the two nations that have been in contact with each other for centuries, on a common platformthrough caliphate and the process of establishing a party for the complete independence of India will be explained.

Zafar Hassan, Ubaidullah Sindhi, Independence of India

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