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Social Structure of Urartian According to Settlement Analysis Around Tuşpa
Urartians established their kingdom in the region formed by the Van Basin, and ruled the region throughout the Middle Iron Age.Urartian administration was monarchy, and topography and environmental psychology influenced them tochose the location of their residences. Their palaces, mansions and houses without residential architecture enable us to reconstruct their social hierarchy. Deported population was enslaved and became labourers in various fields for supporting the state economy. Today, only 13% of the region is used for agriculture, and the products don’t meet the nutritional needs; thus, animal husbandry became dominant. Through surface surveys, several settlements were discovered about 12 km from the royal capital Tuşpa. Through the analysis of size and distance, Site CatchmentAnalysisand the estimation of the area probably used for agricultural activities around these settlements, the social structure of the Urartian statehave been reconstructed.

: Urartian, social structure, agriculture, settlement analysis, size, distance.

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