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Report to Keep Local History Investigations Light: Sanıtary and Socıal Geography of Turkey, Cebel-i Bereket (Osmaniye) Provınce
The First Turkish Grand National Assembly, which laid the foundations of the new Turkish State, saw itself as a constituent assembly from the first day onwards and realized all the requirements of establishing a new state step by step. The law, which envisages the establishment of a government in the name of the “Executive Board of Executives” in Parliament, which adopted the Parliamentary Government System, was adopted on 2 May 1920. Within the framework of this law, the first Government was established with the elections held on May 3, 1920 under the name of "First Executive Board of Appeals". Adnan (Adıvar) Bey was elected as the Deputy of Ministry of Health and Deputy Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Istanbul. In 1921, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare initiated a study to determine the population and economic potential of the country and to identify geographical, social and health problems on the spot. III. He has been a member of the Executive Board of Veterans Affairs and has been a trustee in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Refik Saydam and Dr. It was aimed to investigate the whole country under the same method with the orders of Riza Nur and publish the results of the investigation. Between the years 1922-1938 in this context, "Turkey's Sanitary and İctimai Geography" published under the title a total of twenty-one work. One of these works introducing Anatolian provinces and provinces from health, social, economic and geographical aspects is Cebel-i Bereket (Osmaniye) province. This work, which was published in Ottoman Turkish in 1927 in Adana Turk Sözü Printing House, contains the geographical, economic, social, historical and administrative preliminary information about the province. The work which has been translated into new Turkish letters has been simplified and evaluated in this study. Considering the scarcity of written sources local to the early years of the Republic of Turkey was prepared in the said period and the conditions of this work contains authentic information first hand, it is expected to contribute to the existing literature and local history researchers.

Cebel-i Bereket, Osmaniye, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, TBMM

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