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The Sanctity of Sword In Turkish Culture -Reasons and Examples-
The reason why Pre-Islamic Turks seen the sword as a sacred item, is that it is manufactured from iron. The sword, which is believed to having a soul and seen as a sacred item, used in various religious rituals. However, another cultural example which indicates sword's sanctity comes up as it has seen as an item worth for swearing on it. This imputed sanctity continued in various examples even after acceptance of Islam. An islamicized reflection of sword's sanctity comes up as engraving verse, prayer or hadith on sword become a tradition. Also there are many examples from menakipname literature where an important religious person gives a wooden sword to Gallant-Warriors which makes them strong. These swords are one of the most important element of force dedicated to dervishes and veterans in the menkabevic expressions. Another correspondence of sword seen as sacred in our culture is in the classical literature. In our classical literature, new implications used with combination of “sword verse” and “sword prayer”. Besides, especially Hz. Muhammed’s swords and Zulfikar seen as sacred items and left their marks on our culture. Sword has symbolic meanings of dominance, obedience, submission, power and might apart from these, but the purpose of this article is to analyze mentioned examples about sanctity of sword and examine roots of this sanctity in our culture.

Sword, sacred, Shaman, iron, swear

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