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In this study, the transition process of peasantism which was initiated by the Young Turks and sustained by the Party of Union and Progress into to populism in the foundation period of Turkish Republic has been examined. A detail analyses on the peasantist and populist rhetoric which had been adopted by Turkish intelligentsia shows that there are many common points and parallels between two different movements. The intellectuals, who found the tsar in the peasantry, supported the process of citizenship with the rhetoric through the rhetoric. With the constitutional monarchy, the intellectuals went to the villagers and drew attention to the situation of the peasants, and published the magazines and newspapers and explained the peasant's existence struggle. Indeed, the peasantist discourses emerged under the effects of European movement of thoughts, turned into the Principle of Populism in the process of social reconstruction of the Republic of Turkey and has been adopted as an official policy.

Peasantism, Popülism, the Party of Union and Progress, Republic of Turkey, Establishment Period

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