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Demon Belief in Anatolia According to the Cuneiform Sources of the Old Assyrian Trade Colonies Period
According to cuneiform sources of the Assyrian Trade Colonies Period, Demons with supernatural powers are human-animal hybrids crated by Gods. Although these are far away from concepts of time and space, and are believed to live in the Netherworld, demons were associated with illness, trouble, disaster and death. The oldest documents about demons in Anatolia were letters and amulets sent from Assyria to Assyrian traders living Anatolia. Although these documents have been found in Anatolia, these reflect elements and perspectives of Mesopotamian belief systems. In cuneiform texts Demons bear different powers, ranks and properties. The belief concerning their entity mirror also the concept of Universe as well as the way of solving problems before the development of scripts.

Demon, Assyrian Trade Colonies Period, Belief, Cuneiform Texts, Amulet

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