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A contrıbution to Kocaeli History The River Tradition of The Rıfat Property Between 1940-1950
The at Turkish Way et newspaper, which constitutes an important place in the press history of Kocaeli, was published in 1925 by Rıfat Yüce. He wrote columns for the newspaper until 1952 as the chief editor. The purpose of the publication of the paper was to identify the issues that the CHP government had failed to reach to the public and to inform the government. After the death of Rıfat Yüce in 1952, his son Mehmet Yüce, who came to the newspaper headquarters, decided to merge the newspaper Y Türk Yolu esi with the newspaper 195 Bizim Şehir 195 in 1962. In this study, the content of Rıfat Yüce's travels between 1930 and 1940, the approaches to urban and regional problems, the purpose of the trips and their counterparts in the period will be evaluated in Türk Yolu newspaper.

Ittihat ve Terakki, Rıfat Yüce, Turkish Road Newspaper

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