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Filmstrip Of The Early Republican Period Of Turkey: Historical, Ideological And Cinematographic Interactions In The Process Of Political Change
In the sun set of the empires, cinema became something very valuable for the new political actors while they were creating new and more detailed manipulation devices. Despotic power became the power of the lens and this new power created a new demonstration form. As the French Situationists say, this new form of demonstration, one branch of which was formed by cinema made the new metaphorical world, which is both present and disappearing, visible. Likewise, demonstration, in the words of the situationists, "is a terrible dream modern people have ever seen". Evaluating the cinema with a mentality of "watch and consume" will mean skipping a historical subtext. In the age of nations and becoming nations with which we are closely familiar, the political power, which tried to create itself after a national revolution in the early period of the paradigm we were in, played its most radical, effective and manipulative role after the last revolutionary move. In this context, the cinematographic demonstration in the early Republic of Turkey and the ideology and propaganda policies displayed through this form of demonstration constitute the subject of our research.

Early Republican Period of Turkey, Cinema, Ideology, History, Propaganda

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