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An Evaluation About Chih-chih Ch’an-yü’s Political Activities
Hu-t’u-wu-ssu, who was in a low position among his people although he was from Ch’an-yü family, upgraded toy he position of Left Bilge Bey, in other words “the crown prince”, with his younger brother Hu-han-yeh’s acceding to the throne as “Ch’an-yü”. As a result of The Dynasty of Han’s destructive facilities, there occured five Ch’an-yü at the same time in Hsiung-nu Lands. Hu-t’u-wu-ssu, who is one of these five Ch’an-yü, declared himself as “Chih-chih Ch’an-yü”. Hu-han-yeh, took shelter in The Dynasty of Han, as Chih-chih Ch’an-yü stayed in the Valley of Orkhon. By this way, Hsiung-nus were divided for the first time in the year of 54 B.C. Chih-chih tried to domineer the West part of the Orkhon Valley due to the existance of mighty Dynasty of Han in the east part. Chih-chih, got into his last war by defending the fortress, last his life during this war. By making himself a fortress and with heavily armored soldiers. Chih-chih he got out of the ordinary light armored and cavalry soldiers. In this researchi it will be brifly about the facilities he has done between the time that he declared himself as Ch’an-yü and the time he thaat he last his life and his struggles with The Dynasty of Han.

Chih-chih, Hun, Hsiung-nu, Han Dynasty, Mo-tu.

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