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A Humour newspaper from Tanzimat Period: Latife
The Ottoman Empire was officially in the process of democratization since 1839. As a result of this democratization, the enlightened Ottoman people who aspire the life standards of Western governments devoted themselves to improvement. In this process, they lived as required by the Western lifestyle and they tried to make contribution to society. The artworks moved away from Orient format and it was tried to create artworks in the standards of Europe. In this study, the press industry also had a great role. After the arrival of press machine to these lands, newspapers, and magazines published after the long-standing pause played a major role in changing the face of society. The humor magazines also arrived in the Turkish society world who accustomed to fun and tolerance since ancient times. To this process, started with Diyojen and still continued, Latife magazine which pressed in 1874 with 39 issues also made contribution. The Latife pressed by grant holder Zaharya Beykozluyan, embellished our press life without giving author name both with the columns which criticized society problems ironically and the chapters which had aim only fun. Also, the caricatures on the back cover became one of the first steps of the improvements in this category. As language, there is a pointed and satirical expression rather than the use of the simple language of the newspaper. More than the simplicity or complexity, the remarkable thing is that the sarcastic world of the magazine. Latife which started its press life with the aim of publishing on Monday and Thursday, even if there were some malfunctions it was published on Monday and Thursday and it lived between 12th of August 1874 and 6th March of 1875.

Tanzimat, Magazine, Homour, Press, Culture, Modernization

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