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Hammer’s memories and his dismissal from interpretership mission of the palace
Joseph Freiherr Hammer Purgstall is an orientalist who is known by Ottoman historians primarily for “History of the Ottoman Empire” and his many other works. Hammer begins to write his memories in 1842. These memories begin with the origins of his family and continue with his birth, finally end up at 1852. The memories are 5904 pages 246 notebooks by Hammer’s own handwriting, abridged and published by Reinhart Bachofen von Echt at 1940 as the first time. Since this abridgement of Bachofen, milestones which are very valuable for Hammer biography remain in the dark. It is shortly informed in the memories about being suspended from palace interpreting mission (Hofdolmetsch) at 1839 because of a dispute with Prince Metternich. Hammer had been conducting that mission since 1811. This incident, which included the Ottoman Ambassador to Vienna Sadık Rıfat Pasha, was examined in the light of Hammer's unpublished memories.

Joseph Freiherr Hammer Purgstall, Hammer's memories, Prince Metternich, Sadık Rıfat Pasha

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