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The Investigation of England’s Naval College Curriculum
Ottoman Empire desired to open a naval school. For this reason, they research Dartmouth, Osborne and Cruisers naval college which are in England. After that, they prepared a report related with these school curriculum and education system. The curriculum contains fundamental engineering lessons, maths, workshop and naval lessons. Additionally, Kolağası Hüseyin Hüsnü visited Greeneach naval college and prepared a report to Ottoman Government. On the other hand, Naval college in the England researched, they research also exams, exam types, lessons, text books and syllabus of the lesson. In that era, England is role model at the naval area for Ottoman government. Ottoman navy forces had become stronger at the Sultan Abdulaziz era. For this reason, they had to follow strongest rivals and their technologies in the world. At the Sultan Abdulhamid era, these Technologies effected to education system and had opened new type schools

Naval, College, Education, England, Ottoman, Turkish naval, Dartmouth, Osborn

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