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Ethnoarchological Evaluation of Cereals and Straw Storage Methods in Rural Settlements in Sivas
Finds uncovered during archaeological excavations can be interpreted by comparison with ethnological data from pre-industrial periods. Nowadays, affected by urbanisation and modernisation, the ethnological data disappear rapidly. Thus, the documentation of ethnological data is most necessary. Human communities produced their food as early as they transformed to settled life. Hereafter, these communities need to store the food over winter months for themselves and their animals. Storage pits and storage units are produced by sacks or mud, and even built with stone, mud brick and wood. According to archaeological excavations, storages or storage units were a part of architecture since the Neolithic period. Within the frame of this study, a field survey has been conducted at four villages of the central county of the province of Sivas. Storages still used in these villages have been examined and compared with those uncovered during archaeological excavations. The comparisons with the remnants of ancient storages brought out a continuous development of storage types until today. However, parallel to technological development, traditional storage types are given up recently.

Anatolia, Sivas, Storage Types, Storing Methods, Ethnoarchaeology

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