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The Balkan Perception of Memoir Owner İttihat Terakki Members
The memories consist of materials that are rarely used in historical research because they contain personal evaluations and their accuracy cannot be assured. However, they can give us details that we cannot obtain from official documents. In this way, they provide the opportunity to evaluate events from different angles. However, caution should be exercised when evaluating memories, and the political thoughts and social relations of individuals should be taken into account, and their accuracy should be confirmed with other sources. Among the members of the İttihat Terakki, there are people who have written memoirs. Through these memories, we can reach the tragic story of the Balkans, which is considered the heart of the Ottoman Empire, through their personal lives. The Balkans included many different religions, sects and races. These different elements sought independence with the current of nationalism that began with the French Revolution of 1789. Gangs have multiplied and started tormenting the people. Born and raised in this land, Galip Vardar has described in his memoir how these events have affected him and the people around him since his childhood. Enver Paşa and Resneli Niyazi were soldiers in this territory at that time and they wrote about their struggle with these gangs. Mehmet Rauf was exiled to these lands and wrote in his memoir what he observed. In this way, before the proclamation of the second Constitutional Monarchy of 1908, we can reach what the people living in this land, the soldiers on duty and the people who are foreign to this geography think about this process.

Memories, Balkan, Enver Paşa, Resneli Niyazi, İttihat Ve Terakki

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