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Purification Rituals Of Greek Society İn The Context Of Faith
Purification is a religious ritual practiced in every society. People saw themselves responsible for the results of their actions and wanted to be purified before going to the presence of the gods.Aristotle introduced the concept of purification for the first time in Greek. It means the physical and mental cleansing of the person. There is no single form of purification, so w e can’t give an example of the best purification method. This concept is very diverse and has been used in different fields. Within the scope of the research, purification was studied in the context of faith and purification rituals in Greek society were investigated. The aim of this research is to understand the perspective of Greek society on the concept of purification and to give information about the rituals of the society. For this purpose, the purification rituals of the Greek society were investigated. Rituals arising from religious responsibilities were evaluated. As a result of the study rituals were gathered under six titles and their contents and application methods were tried to be explained.

Catharsis, Ritual, Greek Society, Faith, Cleaning

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