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Golden And Silver Coins Of The Pontos Kingdom
The Pontos Kingdom, founded by Mithradates I Ktistes in around Paphlagonia in 301 BC, was one of the smallest kingdoms in Hellenistic Anatolia, and gradually became a regional power with the expansionist policies of the later kings. In early years, kings were careful in their interactions, not to contradict with the Roman Republic; however, this balance could not be achieved, and the Mithradates Wars begun. Pontos is considered to be the last way for releasing Anatolia against Roman Empire with these wars, dealt in three stages. The aim of this study is to explain the political history of the Pontos Kingdom in terms of coin specimens, minted during the period from the establishment to the death of Mithradates VI Eupator. The kings of the Mithradates Dynasty with Persian origins, founders of the Pontos Kingdom, is mentioned individually in chronological order, and the relationship between iconography and historical context reflected on coins is assessed. Since the Great Colonization Period, the Greek colonies established along the Black Sea coast, including the Pontos region, had influence on subjects preferred for the coins of the Pontos Kingdom, that had been founded later. The gods of the Greek pantheon - Zeus, Hera, Apollon, Dionysos - were placed especially on the reverse of the coins. These provide also information on royal cults. One of the most important symbols on the coins is the eight-pointed star and the crescent motive, a royal emblem from the earliest coins onwards. The catalogue includes the metal, weight, unit, subject, inscription, and symbols taking place on these coins.

Coin, Pontos, Black Sea, Mithradates, Eupator, Persia, Near East

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