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Protection Of Orphans İn The Ottoman Empire ( 1878 – 1908 )
Orphaned Children are the most affected individuals in need of protection after the wars, migration, disease and natural disasters that ocur in life. Among the individuals in need of protection, especially the Orphan children are important. In every period in the Ottoman Empire, Studies have been carried out to protect orphaned children and to prepare them for the future. In these Studies aimed at the protection and education of orphaned children in the Ottoman Empire, the idea of an orphanage emerged and efforts were initiated to provide childeren with shelter and education opportunities. The 1877 - 1878 Ottoman – Russian war and the increase in the number of orphaned children in the country led to more emphasis on the orphanage. When the events that took place in the country during the period when the idea of an orphanege was formed in the Ottoman Empire, it was seen that the orphanages were in need of the period.

Ottoman Empire, Orphaned Children, Orphanage

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