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Establishment of the Republic Navy and Naval Shipyard in Gölcük and effects on the Region
At the beginning of the 20th century, Abdul Hamid’s magnificent fleet lost its value, shipyards had virtually abandoned owing to lack of care. With the establishment of the Navy League, a new breakthrough process was initiated in Navy. After 1910, due to the fact that the Golden Horn Shipyard was unable to meet the need, it was necessary to find a new place. In the Izmit Gulf, which was considered in this direction, infrastructure works began to build the shipyard, but could not have been finished due to Tripoli and Balkan wars. Although it was an effort to establish a shipyard in World War I, this was not possible under the circumstances of the time. After the Straits Agreement signed in Lausanne Peace, The disarmament of the Canakkale and Istanbul straits and removal of the military from there meant that the Golden Horn had completely lost its function. After the establishment of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the workshops that were established with the arrival of Yavuz to Gölcük for dry docking constituted the first foundations of the naval base to be built in Gölcük. The process that gained momentum after 1928 continued with the establishment of the Gölcük Command and on May 8, 1933, the Turkish Parliement adopted the law number 2173. In this study, we will examine the process of the transfer of the Republican Navy to Gölcük, which has the title of "Navy City", the developments that have taken place in this process and the effects of this establishment on the region.

İzmit, Gölcük, Navy, Navy Shipyard, Reform

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