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(Turkish-Greek Population Exchange After Lausanne)
Migration movements were frequent as a result of nation-state building efforts that began in the 19th century. In this regard, an example of the migration movements between Rumelia and Anatolia that started with The 93 War is; It is the Turkish-Greek population exchange that took place after the Treaty of Lausanne. In this exchange, while determining the general planning, the understanding of homogenous society was effective. However, the road map of the parties has determined the solution of social, economic and political problems without causing new problems. In this context, the definition of "Etabli" was made to prevent mutual loss of rights and it was excluded from the exchange within the Western Thrace region and Istanbul. The condition of being settled in the region where they are located before 18 October 1912 was sought in order to be considered as “etablist”. The commissions made the appraisal of the immovable property that the immigrants left behind. It was aimed to prevent the disruption of the economy by placing new families in abandoned houses. Today, in both countries, not only the descendants of the residents but also the descendants of the immigrants continue their lives with the stories of past memories.

exchange of population, Etabli, Migration, Lausenne, Turkish, Greek, Western Thrace

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